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Gingivectomy Lake Worth | Purpose of Gingivectomy

Gingivectomy refers to periodontal surgery that removes and treats diseased gum tissue or other gingival buildup caused by serious underlying conditions. This procedure is recommended after non-other surgical procedures have been tried and before gum disease has advanced enough to destroy the bone and ligaments supporting the teeth. The surgery required beyond gingivectomy Lake Worth involves bone grafts and the regeneration of attachment structures in the mouth. This is performed in a dentist’s office under local anesthetic.

Why Too Much Gum is a Bad Thing

Gingivectomy means excision of the gum tissue or the gingiva. This is necessary when the gums have grown over the crowns of the teeth, which creates deep pockets. These deep pockets make it hard to clean teeth. This procedure will stop the advancement of gum disease with good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. The objective of periodontal surgery is to alter or eliminate the microbial factors that create periodontitis and stop the progression of the disease. The primary invasive factor creating gum disease is plaque-producing bacteria.

Causes of Gum Diseases

Healthy gums usually have very little space between the gum and the tooth, typically less than 0.15 in (4mm). Most gums stay healthy and firm with regular brushing and flossing unless there are underlying hereditary or immunosuppressive conditions that affect the gums. The continuous progression of bacterial infection of the gums leads to two main conditions in the periodontium: periodontitis and gingivitis. Certain illnesses such as diabetes and external factors as smoking are associated with periodontal disease and increase the severity of disease in the gum tissue, support, and bone ligaments. A surgical procedure in the form of a gingivectomy is designed to eliminate gum pockets and restore gum health and retention of teeth.

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Having Gum Problems? Get a Gingivectomy Lake Worth!

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