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How to Quickly Get Used to Your New Dentures

Do you want to know why dentures in West Palm Beach are so popular? Despite the development of more modern and revolutionary methods of replacing missing teeth, some people still prefer old-fashioned dentures because they are significantly cheaper than bridges and dental implants.  

Even though dentures are inexpensive, it doesn’t mean they’re not dependable. Interestingly, modern-day dentures are highly durable, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable to wear. Albeit the improved comfort, first-time denture wearers still find the device a little odd.  

If it’s your first time wearing a denture, it may take a while to get used to it, but don’t fret because your mouth will eventually adapt over time.

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How to Get Used to Your New Dentures Fast 

What Are Dentures? 

A denture is a removable dental prosthesis that consists of artificial teeth and a gum-colored base. You can choose between partial and complete dentures. Partial dentures are for individuals with natural teeth left, while complete dentures are for people who have lost all their permanent teeth.

How Can You Adjust to Your New Dentures Quickly? 

  • Change Your Perspective

The adjustment period is just a brief time. Instead of fighting the discomfort, train your mind and mouth to familiarize yourself with the device. The more you fight it, the harder it will be for you. Most patients say it took them a couple weeks to be completely comfortable with their dentures.  

In most cases, adjusting to your lower denture takes more time than the upper one because it’s less secure, and you can feel it with your tongue. When it comes to denture adjustments, patience is a virtue. There will come a time when wearing dentures won’t bother you anymore.

  • Read Aloud

When wearing your new dentures, you’ll notice changes in your speech. Some words may be hard to pronounce, and making the “f” and “s” sounds can be challenging. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for dentures to make odd clicking sounds when speaking. An effective strategy to solve this issue is to read aloud.   

During the first few days of wearing your dentures, your mouth will produce more saliva. Dentists recommend you hydrate to dilute the saliva. These strategies are proven and tested to help you adjust to your dentures faster.  

  • Cut Foods into Bite-Sized Portions

Another challenge denture-wearers face is eating. While it’s true that dentures help restore oral function by replacing missing teeth, chewing with a dental prosthesis in your mouth can feel weird. Just like speaking, eating with dentures will take some getting used to.  

Although it may feel strange initially, the discomfort is only temporary. You can adapt faster if you slice your food into bite-sized pieces for easy chewing. Dentists recommend you avoid chewy, hard, and sticky foods to prevent denture breakage.  

Also, avoid biting down using your front teeth, as this can cause denture misalignment. Instead, chew on your mouth’s left or right sides or use your back teeth. Once you get used to your new dentures, you’ll be confident eating your favorite goods again.  

  • Always Wear Them

Typically, you should keep your dentures in for the first 24 hours. You’re expected to wear them even while you sleep. After the first day, you can wear them for at least eight hours a day. This duration is enough to allow your gum tissues and jawbone to get used to your new device.  

Wearing them also prevents the development of sore spots. But you should remove them at night to give your gum tissues a chance to relax. You should also take them out when you’re brushing and flossing.

How Do You Deal with Denture Pain? 

If you get a new set of dentures, you’ll likely experience pain. This is because the contours of your mouth have already adapted to your old dentures. So, when you get a new set, the difference can cause certain areas in your gums to become sore. Don’t worry; the pain will subside after a few days, but if it doesn’t, let your dentist know. It may need to be relined, repaired, or replaced.

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Learn More Tips on How to Adjust to Your Dentures in West Palm Beach! 

It takes time to adjust to your dentures but don’t worry because whatever inconveniences you’re facing now will soon subside once you apply these tips. At Ferber Dental Group, we offer affordable and customizable dental treatments to give you a bright and beautiful smile.  

Our team has years of experience and training to provide the best patient experience. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today for an appointment, and we’ll have you smiling again.