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Most Asked Questions About Dentures

Tooth loss is not something you should take lightly, which is why you should consider dentures in Boynton. Did you know that those who fail to have their teeth replaced experience a significant decline in their quality of life? Studies show that tooth loss can dramatically impact your self-esteem. 

Not only that, but missing teeth also cause a great deal of inconvenience as it leads to discomfort and pain when you chew. But that’s not all; tooth loss will also interfere with how you pronounce certain words, thereby affecting your speech. Luckily, dentists can restore your smile and oral function through the most affordable option available – dentures!

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FAQs on Dentures 

What Is a Denture? 

A denture is a removable dental appliance designed to replace several of your missing teeth. Dentists offer two types of dentures – partial and complete dentures. Partial dentures are for those who still have natural teeth left, while complete is ideal for people who have lost all their teeth. 

Partial Dentures – A partial denture is a removable bridge or denture composed of artificial teeth anchored to a gum-colored base that’s usually made of plastic. These two are connected through a metal framework that securely allows the denture to stay inside your mouth. This type of denture is suitable for individuals who still have remaining natural teeth in either their upper or lower jaw. 

A fixed dental bridge functions by replacing one or more teeth with crowns on either side of the gap, while artificial teeth are attached in the middle to fill in the space. To secure the bridge, your dentist will cement it in place. By adding a denture, you’re not only filling the space, but you’re also preventing the rest of your remaining teeth from shifting positions. 

Complete Dentures – There are two types of complete dentures – immediate and conventional. An immediate denture is fabricated in advance to be placed inside your mouth as soon as your teeth are removed. This means you don’t have to go without teeth while waiting for your gums to heal. 

On the other hand, a conventional denture is placed inside your mouth about 8 to 12 weeks after your teeth are removed. The downside to immediate dentures is that they need constant adjustments for the prosthesis to fit your mouth during the healing process accurately. It is only considered a temporary solution while your conventional denture is still being fabricated. 

Are There Other Options Besides Dentures? 

There are plenty of tooth replacement solutions available, but if you are looking for a fast and budget-friendly way to restore your smile, your dentist will suggest dentures. However, if you have the patience to wait for several months to restore your smile permanently, you may want to consider dental implant surgery

Do Dentures Feel Weird Inside the Mouth? 

If it’s your first time wearing dentures, they will feel a little weird inside your mouth. The adjustment phase can last up to a few weeks. But don’t worry; over time, your mouth will get used to the device. You just have to keep wearing them and only remove them when you’re brushing your teeth or when you’re sleeping. 

It’s also normal to experience soreness and mild irritation during the adjustment phase. But again, these should subside in a few weeks. 

Will I Look Different Wearing Dentures? 

Many people are worried that they’ll look like their grandparents if they wear dentures. This may be the case in the past, but today’s dentures are fabricated to resemble the look and feel of natural teeth. Dentures are guaranteed to improve your smile and boost your oral function. It will be as if you never lost your teeth. 

Will Eating Be Difficult If I Wear Dentures? 

We’re not going to lie; while adjusting to your new dentures, it will feel odd when you bite and chew. Some wearers say that it feels uncomfortable. The discomfort can last for several weeks. To expedite the adjustment phase, we suggest cutting your food into smaller pieces or going for soft foods. When chewing your food, do it slowly using the two sides of your mouth. 

Once you’ve fully adjusted to your new dentures, you can resume your usual diet. However, be careful with hard, hot, and sharp foods. As much as possible, stay away from hard and sticky foods as they can potentially damage your dentures. 

Should I Wear My Dentures All Day? 

Since dentures are removable, your prosthodontist will give you specific instructions on how long you’re expected to wear them. During the first weeks, you may be required to wear your dentures all the time, even while you sleep. This can be uncomfortable, but it’s the fastest way to adjust to your new appliance. As soon as you’ve adjusted to your new dentures, you’ll be asked to remove them before sleeping.

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Do You Have More Questions About Dentures in Boynton? 

At Ferber Dental Group, we welcome you to ask questions. Our friendly and knowledgeable dental team will answer all your questions regarding dentures. We provide all our patients with the finest care and convenient financial options. We believe money should not be an issue in achieving good dental health. Contact us today for an appointment.