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One Day Smiles | All-In-4 Technology | Ferber Dental Group

Edentulism is the condition of being toothless to some degree. For several reasons, trauma to the mouth, gum disease or tooth decay, people can lose their teeth. More than 35 million Americans do not have any teeth and about 178 million people are missing at least one tooth. Edentulism has a lot of negative consequences for the sufferers, including bone loss, inability to enjoy all the foods you once ate and lack of confidence. These are just a few of the numerous effects that can negatively impact someone after they have suffered tooth loss; but there is a solution! With the technological advancements in dentistry, one of the solutions that are available is One Day Smiles from Ferber Dental Group!What is One Day Smiles?For the 35 million Americans that have to suffer with no teeth in their mouth, One Day Smiles offers a revolutionary solution that can replace a whole set of teeth! Traditionally, people would get dentures to solve this issue, but dentures present other issues in itself! They can be painful, uncomfortable, unstable and they don’t prevent bone loss in the jaw.With One Day Smiles, the technology All-In-4 is utilized to get you smiling again in just one day! One Day Smile is a non-removable, permanent teeth look that will have you eating and smiling just like you used to! The One Day Smiles treatment replaces your missing teeth with a full dental bridge supported by as few as four dental implants. In a few hours you’ll have natural looking teeth that can be cleaned like regular teeth, do not need to be taken out, do not need adhesives and are comfortable!One Day Smiles also has faster treatment and recovery time. The replacement teeth can be attached to the implants immediately after insertion, so within just a few hours you will be smiling again at Ferber Dental Group! We offer the newest technology and our experienced group of dentist will provide the highest level of care! We’ll have you smiling again, so call us at 1-888-9-FERBER (1-888-933-7237) or visit the best dental group’s website!