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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Lake Worth | Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Procedures

Pre-prosthetic surgery is a surgical procedure performed on a patient to improve the existing anatomic conditions of the maxillary or mandibular alveolar ridges for successful prosthetic rehabilitation. Some patients require minor oral surgical procedures before receiving full or partial dentures most especially those that have sustained jawbone atrophy and gum recession. Pre-prosthetic surgery Lake Worth may involve rebuilding areas of bone loss or smoothing the alveolar ridge and the gums. This surgery’s goal is to ensure your dentures fits as comfortably in your mouth as possible.

Types of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

  • Respective
  • Recontouring
  • Augmentation

The Objectives of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Comfortable prosthesis restores oral function, facial form, and aesthetics. The goals of pre-prosthetic surgery are to:

  • Restore functions of the jaws
  • Improve/preserve jaw structure
  • Improve the patient’s quality of life
  • Eliminates pain and discomfort associated with an ill-fitting prosthesis by surgically modifying the denture-bearing area
  • Inserting endosseous implants into the jaws
  • Improve the residual ridge before denture construction
  • Improve the retention and stability of a denture
  • Correct skeletal discrepancies in the relationships of the jaws

The pre-prosthetic surgery may include bone smoothing and reshaping, removal of excess bone, removal of excess gum tissue, exposure of impacted teeth, and bone ridge reduction.

Are You Qualified for Surgery?

Your dentist or prosthodontist will determine if you qualify for this procedure during your denture consultation. If you have abnormal bone development, your denture may fit loosely and food and bacteria can accumulate more easily beneath ill-fitting dentures. This increases your risk of gum disease and chronic bad breath.

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Do You Think You’re Qualified for Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Lake Worth?

Ill-fitting dentures can lead to numerous problems and even infections. If you need to see an orthodontist determine if you’re a right fit or not, schedule an appointment with Ferber Dental Group today. We work on procedures such as pre-prosthetic surgery Lake Worth to improve our patient’s smile, comfort, and quality of life.