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Teeth Whitening in Lake Worth | What You Need to Know

When you picture a perfect smile, what comes to mind? Most people dream of having perfectly straight and beautifully white teeth. The clear majority of people are not born with naturally gorgeous smiles. This can cause insecurities for individuals who are conscious of their appearance in photographs, in the workplace and in their daily lives. Ferber Dental Group provides high-quality teeth whitening in Lake Worth, Florida. This system called “Zoom! Whitening” uses exclusive technology to whiten teeth at a rapid, but safe, pace. There are two systems available, in office and a take home kit. In the office, our patient’s teeth see average results of eight shades whiter than before. The “Take-Home Whitening System” provides on average six shades whiter teeth in only three nights.

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Is Teeth Whitening in Lake Worth Right For Me?

Teeth whitening in Lake Worth is a service that just about anyone in South Florida can enjoy. Treatment can be more effective for some than others. Schedule an appointment with a Ferber Dental Group dentist and ask if you’re a candidate for the zoom whitening procedure. Teeth whitening is widely considered to be the safest cosmetic dental procedure and is 100% pain-free. Therefore, there is no reason to be anxious when choosing to undergo this procedure.

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What’s the Ferber Dental Group Difference?

One common question our patients ask is the difference between Ferber Dental Group’s Zoom! Whitening procedure versus an over-the-counter whitener? A store-bought whitener will take weeks or even months to whiten teeth a few shades. The difference is that Zoom! is proven to whiten teeth eight shades brighter in only one hour in the office or six shades brighter in just one weekend with the at home option. For these reasons, anyone looking for teeth whitening in Lake Worth can be confident that Ferber Dental Group is the best solution!