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Titanium Rejection Symptoms

Dental implants in West Palm Beach have aided several men and women to enjoy better dental function, enhanced facial aesthetics, and enjoy greater confidence. Additionally, most patients who undergo implant process would say that availing this treatment is an uneventful and straightforward process with few or no complications or side effects at all.

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Titanium Allergy is the Common Dental Implant Complication

Allergic Reactions to Titanium

Although it is rare, it is always possible to have allergic reactions to the materials used in dental implants. To reiterate, titanium allergies are uncommon since it only occurs in about 0.6% of the population. It only shows that only 1-2 million people in the U.S. may have titanium allergy. Thus, getting dental implants in West Palm Beach is never a bad idea since it will only improve your overall health and boost your confidence.

Symptoms of Titanium Allergy

Just like any other illness, disorder, or disease, titanium allergy symptoms may range from mild to severe. When you just had your dental implants, you may experience neurological problems while others only have joint and muscle achiness. Other symptoms may on include inflammation of the face, acne-like swelling, chronic fatigue syndrome, problems with wound healing, chronic inflammation in the gums around the dental implants, swelling and sores in the soft tissue, hives or rash, and implant failure.

Skin Patch Test

Several allergies can be diagnosed through simple tests and assessments. One of the common tests is the skin patch test wherein suspected allergens are placed in small parts of your skin in order to determine whether there exist signs of irritation.

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