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Using X-Guide Technology, Can I Have A More Predictable Dental Implant Procedure?

Worried about dental implant failure? With X-Guidetechnology, patients can be predictably treated with dental implants in Greenacres, FL. X-Guide is used to place dental implants with pin-point accuracy so patientscan get trusted dental implant procedure outcomes. Guided by a highly skilledand trained dental professional, dental implants placed with X-Guide can givepatients a beautiful and functional new smile.

Continue reading to learn more about howX-Guide technology can give patients predictable dental implant procedures.

How Does X-Gide Technology Predictably Place Dental Implants In Greenacres, FL?

X-Guide technology allows the dentalprofessional to visualize how the dental implants are positioned, angled, andat what depth they are precisely placed in the patients jawbone for the mostpredictable procedure experience. When dental implants are being accuratelyplaced with this advanced technology, patients will have reduced healing time,a minimally invasive procedure experience, and a lower chance of the dentalimplants failing.

X-Guide is the leading guided dental implantprocedure technology that follows dental implant placement plans perfectly,eliminating human error.  Before there were guided dental implant procedures,there was a chance for issues to occur. While a dental professional is highlytrained and experienced to place dental implants, it is possible for everyoneto make errors.

These errors could cause costly issues forpatients. That is why X-Guide technology is used to eliminate these error’s, sopatients get the new smile they need and deserve with dental implants.  


What Does The Dental Implant Procedure Process Look Like WithX-Guide Technology?

In order for X-Guide technology to givepatients the best results, the patients mouth needs to be evaluated so thattheir customized dental implant procedure can be strategically planned out. Theinformation the X-Guide gets on the patient’s oral structures will be used tomake sure the dental implants in Greenacres, FL are predictably placed.  

After the patient has been given sedationdentistry so that they have a painless and anxiety-free procedure experience, theX-Guide technology is used to place the dental implants in the patient’sjawbone. Many patients can then get a temporary prosthesis placed so that theycan have a functional and beautiful smile while they wait for their finalprosthesis to be made.

 Once the final prosthesis is placed andcemented in their jawbone, they can have a restored smile for years to comewith X-Guide technology.

Go To Our Office So We Can Predictably Treat You With Dental Implants Using X-GuideTechnology

When it comes to having the most predictabledental implant procedures, there is only one true solution that can guaranteeyou the best investment in your future. When our highly skilled dentalprofessional uses X-Guide technology, you can look forward to getting thebeautiful and functional smile of your dreams with dental implants.

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