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Veneers in West Palm Beach | Who Can Get Dental Veneers?

Getting veneers in West Palm Beach is the perfect cosmetic solution for improving the look, and sometimes function, of your smile. Porcelain veneers are a fix for those that have stained, discolored teeth and want brighter, whiter teeth. People who suffer from teeth that are chipped, broken, crooked, or have gaps not only gain a better-looking smile but get the confidence of teeth that function properly.Porcelain veneers have a natural-looking appearance and possess stain-resistant qualities. This helps to retain the great look of your smile makes getting veneers more than worth the effort. More importantly, veneers are very durable so you can have long-lasting self-confidence in your teeth.

What is It Like to Get Porcelain Veneers in West Palm Beach?

When receiving porcelain veneers, the procedure is easy, quick, and painless. During the first appointment, the tooth in need of the veneer is prepared with some reshaping done by your dentist. Impressions of the tooth are then made to create the veneer. Those impressions may be sent away for the creation process, in which case a patient will receive a temporary veneer. The temporary veneer is worn until a second appointment.Timing may vary by dental office, but about one week later the temporary veneer is removed. A permanent veneer, which appears as a thin piece of porcelain material, is then bonded to the tooth’s surface. After the veneer is in place, the patient and dentist communicate to ensure that the fit is comfortable and that the aesthetics are satisfactory.

Where Can I Get Veneers in West Palm Beach?

If you are ready to perfect your smile with dental veneers, the Ferber Dental Group will get you smiling! Our cosmetic dentist has the expertise necessary to transform your smile into one that you are proud of. Contact us today to get your veneers in West Palm Beach!