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Veneers West Palm Beach | What to Do If Teeth Whitening Won’t Work for You

Yellowing or decayed teeth is not something we all look forward to having and so are dental visits. Maintaining the beauty and appearance of your pearly whites is not very difficult to do but unfortunately, our lifestyle choices and bad habits greatly affect them. Unfortunately, not all teeth work well with teeth whitening procedures and products. Some teeth discoloration is caused by medications, congenital defects, and aging. If teeth whitening isn’t going to work for you, then veneers West Palm Beach is your best option to improve the aesthetics of your mouth and teeth.

Can You Whiten Veneers like Your Natural Teeth?

If you have been wearing your veneers for quite a long time now and you noticed that they no longer match the color of your natural teeth, unfortunately, whitening products or procedures are not meant to work on veneers. To get your veneers to match the color of your natural teeth, the only option for you is to have them replaced.

Reasons Why Veneer Darken and How to Deal with It

If you gave noticed little brown lines where your veneer meets the tooth, this only means that your gum is receding. As you age, your gum line will pull back a little exposing the spot where veneer meets the tooth. This can become stained and become a brown line on your veneered tooth. Gum recession is irreversible therefore, you should ask for a pocket reading at each dental checkup to measure how much your gum is receding.

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Are You Considering Dental Veneers West Palm Beach?

Darkened teeth due to medications or aging cannot be reversed with teeth whitening procedure. There is nothing you can do but to consider getting dental veneers West Palm Beach to improve its appearance. Yellow teeth lower our self-confidence and also affects how others perceive us. For a brighter smile, schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist at Ferber Dental Group today!