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What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants? | West Palm Beach

It may be hard to imagine the struggles of missing teeth until you are in the situation. For a wide variety of reasons, adults find themselves missing teeth. Either because of tooth decay that was not taken care of, a trauma to the tooth or other reasons, someone may lose a tooth. At least 178 million people in the US are missing at least one tooth, with more than 35 million Americans missing all of their teeth. When you experience tooth loss, you understand why it is so important to get a tooth replacement. There are several different replacement alternatives, but more specifically today we will explain in-depth the advantages of dental implants as a tooth replacement technique. Continue reading if you are in a tooth loss situation and are debating what tooth replacement method to choose for you!What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants? To begin the discussion, it is important to understand what problems dental implants will be solving. When you suffer a tooth loss, there are several aspects of life that are changed. To begin, your smile’s appearance is modified. Not only will you be missing a tooth in your smile, but your teeth actually stimulate the jaw bone through the tooth root. So when you lose a tooth, there is a potential for some jaw bone to be lost due to the lack of stimulation. When your jaw bone dissipates, the definition of your face can also suffer. A dental implant combats this issue because of the technique. With a 98% success rate, dental implants help people who suffer from tooth loss by replacing the tooth root with a titanium post. The titanium post bonds with the jaw bone and acts as the tooth root, preventing bone loss through stimulation. The crown fills the empty space in your mouth, so your smile is hardly changed!Dental implants are the most similar to the natural tooth, so you can continue to enjoy the foods you love and your confidence can remain unaltered. If you have any questions about dental implants in West Palm Beach, contact the Ferber Dental Group today! We are experts in the dental field, with an experienced group of dentists ready to meet with you and answer any and all of your questions! Call the Ferber Dental Group at 561-439-8888 or connect with our expert dentists online today! We’ll have you smiling again!