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Wisdom Teeth in West Palm Beach | What is Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Did you know that most people aren’t sure if they should be getting their wisdom teeth removed? Wisdom teeth are our four back molars—two on the top and two on the bottom—used to grind food for chewing. Read below to learn more about the best wisdom teeth in West Palm Beach specialists!

Wisdom Teeth Facts

First things first, every adult has a set of 32 teeth. As we age, the average adult mouth can only hold up to 28 teeth. Therefore, your wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to come out.Moving forward, it’s not necessary to remove wisdom teeth if gum tissue is healthy and all teeth are aligned correctly. However, this is not always the case. Individuals will need to get their wisdom teeth removed if their wisdom teeth are emerging from the gums and growing sideways.Without the proper treatment, you can experience swelling, stiffness, and even infections from bacteria buildup.

Oral Examination

To prevent this, we take an x-ray of your mouth and determine if there are potential issues concerning your wisdom teeth. Our early detection scans show if your wisdom teeth are misaligned and it’s typical for clients to remove the teeth before the sharp pain begins. Studies have shown that early prevention is best to avoid future wisdom teeth complications.

Removal Process

Lastly, is wisdom teeth extraction. To alleviate the pain, clients will be put under laughing gas or local anesthesia. As soon as the teeth are removed, gauze is put in place to prevent bleeding. Under supervision, our patients will stay in our office before being released with antibiotics and a follow-up appointment for gauze removal.

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