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Although Every Person’s Smile Is Unique, What Does A Typical Multiple Dental Implant Procedure Look Like?

When people have multiple missing teeth, their daily activities, quality oflife, appearance, and even oral health can be impacted. While every person’smultiple dental implant procedure will be customized to fit their specificsmile needs and wants, there are parts of the procedure process that everyonegets to go through. Here is what a typical procedure process looks like whenpeople come in to get treated with multiple dental implants in Greenacres, FL.


What Happens During The Procedure Process For Multiple Dental Implants In Greenacres, FL?

To prepare for the most successful results before their multiple dentalimplant procedure process begins, patients will have a personalizedconsultation with the dental professional, where they’ll discuss their specifictreatment goals, preferences, and expectations. They will also get digitalimages of their teeth and mouth taken so the dental professional can plan outtheir unique multiple dental implant treatment.

Before their multiple dental implant surgery begins, the patient can havesedation dentistry to give them a painless and anxiety-free procedureexperience. After the multiple dental implant posts are strategically andprecisely placed in the patient’s jawbone, the temporary prosthesis can beplaced so that the patient has an immediate functional and aestheticallypleasing new smile.

Once the dental implant posts have fused with the patients jawbone and theirfinal prosthesis is ready, the patient can have their personalized finalprosthesis placed and cemented, giving them a lasting new and improved smile.


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Multiple dental implants are a fantastic way to restore multiple teeth atonce. If you or a loved one want to replace your missing or failing teeth withmultiple dental implants, don’t hesitate to come to our caring and advancedoffice. Why wait to improve your smile with us? Get in contact with Dr. Brian Ferber and our quality team at our Ferber Dental Group office to schedule an appointment with us today!