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Bone Grafting in Lake Worth | Why Might I Need a Bone Graft?

Periodontal disease, commonly referred to as gum disease, makes your gums swell and bleed easily in early stages. If left untreated, later stages of gum disease can have you losing teeth. Luckily, there is periodontal treatment to control gum disease infection and halt its progression. Treatment options include home care involving healthy eating and proper brushing and flossing, as well as non-surgical therapy that controls the growth of harmful bacteria. However, more advanced cases of gum disease require surgery to restore supportive tissues. This could mean the need for bone grafting in Lake Worth.

Bone Grafting in Lake Worth

Bone grafts can be used to replace bone destroyed by severe gum infection. Tiny fragments of your own bone, synthetic bone, or donated bone are placed where bone was lost. These grafts serve as a platform for the regrowth of bone, which restores stability to teeth.Although periodontal disease starts with the accumulation of plaque, there is a number of reasons why gum disease infection can begin or become aggravated.

Factors That Contribute to Gum Disease:

  • Tobacco use is a significant risk factor associated with the development of gum disease. People who smoke are seven times more likely to get it than nonsmokers, and smoking can lower the chances of success for some treatments.
  • Hormonal changes may make gums more sensitive and make it easier for gingivitis to develop.
  • Stress can make it difficult for the body’s immune system to fight off infection.
  • Medications can affect oral health because they lessen the flow of saliva, which has a protective effect on teeth and gums.
  • Poor nutrition may make it difficult for the immune system to fight off infection, especially if the diet is low in important nutrients. Additionally, the bacteria that cause periodontal disease thrive in acidic environments. Eating sugars and other foods that increase the acidity in the mouth increases bacterial counts.
  • Illnesses may affect the condition of your gums. This includes diseases such as cancer or AIDS that interfere with the immune system.
  • Clenching and grinding teeth put excess force on the supporting tissues of the teeth and can speed up the rate at which these tissues are destroyed.
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How Do I Know if I Need Bone Grafting in Lake Worth?

More than 75 percent of Americans over 35 have some form of gum disease, with many cases going untreated and becoming severe. If you haven’t seen your dentist for regular checkups, contact Ferber Dental Group. We can evaluate all of your oral health needs and determine if bone regeneration surgery is right for you.