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Bone Grafting Lake Worth | What Are Your Dental Bone Grafting Options?

Dental implants are one of the most in-demand cosmetic dental treatments today. Unfortunately, if your jawbone is not sufficient enough to support the implants, your dentist will not push through with the procedure. However, you can still be able to receive dental implants if you opt for a Bone Grafting Lake Worth procedure prior to the dental implant treatment.

Xenograft Tissue Bone Grafting

Axenograft, also known as a heterograft, is a graft of tissue that is taken from an animal source and is grafted into your body. This is the most common type of bone graft. It has a high success rate and it can heal by itself. Some portions of the graft will fuse to become part of your own bone. Unfortunately, it has a limited ability to heal large defects and some portions of the graft may still remain in your body in the long term.

Autograft Tissue

Autograft is when a bone is surgically removed from any part of your body and is grafted to another part. The one main advantage of an autograft is that there is no risk for disease transmission or any immune reaction. The success rate is also very high. Like all other surgeries, the risk for infection at the harvest site will always be there and the pain could last for a long time.

Allograft Tissue

An allograft is when a bone is transplanted from a person to another. The bone tissue usually comes from a cadaver bone or from a donor. It’s a safe and reliable procedure that is available in large quantities. The primary advantage is that the surgical time is reduced, and the recovery is much faster.

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If you want to get dental implants but your jawbone cannot support it, it is best that you undergo Bone Grafting Lake Worth first. At Ferber Dental Group, we offer excellent dental care that won’t cost you a fortune. Call us today for an appointment.