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Dental Bridges in Lake Worth | Is There More Than One Type of Bridge?

Dental bridges in Lake Worth are a great tooth replacement option for filling spaces where one or more teeth are missing. A removable bridge is built to attach to surrounding teeth and can be taken out for care and cleaning. However, fixed bridges are also an option for missing teeth. With a fixed bridge, the appliance can be permanently attached to the inside of mouth by dental implants, which provides a worry-free solution that looks and functions like your own natural teeth.

What are fixed dental bridges in Lake Worth?

What Are the Benefits of Fixed Bridges?

Both removable and permanent bridges are effective solutions for replacing missing teeth. However, fixed bridges offer many additional benefits.Because permanent bridges are fixed with dental implants, they preserve the jawbone and surrounding teeth, maintain the shape of your smile, and prevent future dental complications.You can also enjoy normal eating, talking, and smiling without the worry of your dental appliance slipping or falling out.

What is the Treatment Process Like?

The process of placing a fixed bridge is somewhat similar to that of placing dental implants. Titanium screws are placed into the jaw, fusing with the jawbone over the course of a few months. Later, these screws act as a tooth root and create a solid foundation for your bridge.After the jawbone heals, the area is prepared for customized crowns that will be placed on either side of the space of the missing tooth. Once the bridge is attached to the implants, it will blend into the rest of your smile for seamless treatment and full functionality.

Do You Need Dental Bridges in Lake Worth?

The Ferber Dental Group consists of expert doctors in the field of dental implants and other replacement tooth solutions. If you are interested in replacing your missing teeth, contact us to schedule a consultation. We will work with your individual needs and budget to find the right treatment for your smile.