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Dental Implants in Boca Raton | Misconceptions and Myths about Dental Implants

With the advancement of modern dental technology, more and more people are using cosmetic dentistry procedures to enhance the appearance and function of their teeth or to replace a few missing teeth. One of these popular cosmetic enhancements is dental implants. For years, the only option to remedy tooth loss is to opt for dentures. Fortunately, other options have been made available including dental implants in Boca Raton.

Myth #1: Dental Implants are for Old People Only

Fact: Your jawbone is fully developed usually by your early 20’s. As long as you are perfectly healthy and you have sufficient bone to support the implants, you can consider getting dental implants at any age. Dental implants are not recommended for individuals below 18 years old.

Myth #2: I Won’t Be Able to Eat My Favorite Foods with Dental Implants

Fact: This is only possible during the first few days after having your dental implants installed. You have to allow the surgical area to heal first before being able to eat your normal diet. After the healing period, your dentist will give you the go-ahead and you can eat pretty much whatever you want.

Myth #3: Dental Implant Surgery is Painful

Fact: This is one of the most common misconceptions about implants. While dental implants do require oral surgery, modern dentistry techniques have made the procedure minimally invasive. Most dental implant patients are placed under nitrous sedation or local anesthesia and the procedure usually takes only an hour to complete.

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Ready for Dental Implants in Boca Raton?

You may have heard more misconceptions about dental implants in Boca Raton that makes you quite uncomfortable especially if you have considered getting them. To understand more about this particular procedure, contact us at Ferber Dental Group for more information.