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Dental Implants in West Palm Beach | How to Know if You’re Qualified to Get Dental Implants

Having a missing tooth or teeth can have a huge effect not only on your confidence and smile but also on your oral as well as general health. Missing teeth can lead to other teeth shifting, gum disease, and also tooth decay. Dental implants in West Palm Beach is now an option for you if you want to address the problem of missing teeth.

Qualification for Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great option for tooth replacement. It looks and feels similar to your natural teeth. However, the procedure for dental implants is a long one; and it requires you to have a strong jaw bone to be able to support the implant. If you are thinking of getting dental implants, here are some of the things to keep in mind. Your dentist will determine if you are qualified to have dental implants. Many patients usually are qualified. Firstly, you need to have healthy gums. If you have gum disease, it has to be treated first before any process for the dental implant can begin.

The Rest of the Process

Secondly, there has to be sufficient bone so that the implant can be placed securely. If you have soft or weak jaw bone, a bone grafting procedure may be done. Your dentist will suggest this if he or she finds it necessary. Lastly, you need to have good oral hygiene to be qualified to get dental implants. To maintain the integrity of your dental implants, you need to be ready to brush and floss daily. You should also have regular dental check-ups.

Where is a good spot to get dental implants in West Palm Beach?

Looking for Dental Implants in West Palm Beach?

Dental implants in West Palm Beach is a great solution for missing teeth. Do check if you are qualified to get dental implants. If you are unsure, feel free to ask us about it here at Ferber Dental Group.