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Dentist in Boca Raton | Why Do Patients Receive Dental Fillings?

When patients develop cavities, a dentist will remove portions of natural teeth that are infected. Dental fillings are a type of restoration used to fill those teeth that have been affected by cavities and decay. The procedure is very common and can be performed by your dentist in Boca Raton in order to restore your beautiful, healthy smile.

Which dentist in Boca Raton can give me dental fillings?

What is the Dental Filling Procedure Like?

Many Americans develop cavities at some point in their lives, and most people have them restored with dental fillings. The treatment for a filling consists of two stages. First, the dentist cleans out the infected tooth and removes all signs of decay and damage. Then, the dentist will bond a filling material to the tooth to provide additional strength and support. The materials used to fill in the empty space in the tooth are designed to maintain the tooth’s structural integrity and prevent further damage.The best part of receiving dental filling treatment is that it is usually completed in one appointment. It is also relatively inexpensive and results in very few side effects.

What Types of Materials Are There for Fillings?

Patients can choose to have their cavities filled with a silver amalgam mixture or composite bonding. Silver amalgam fillings have been used for decades, are less expensive, and usually last longer than composite fillings. However, many patients still opt for composite fillings for aesthetic reasons. Since composite fillings are tooth-colored, they blend in with surrounding teeth and look more natural. In addition, composite fillings offer a metal and mercury-free alternative to amalgam. This makes them a good option for those with metal allergies.

Do You Need a Dentist in Boca Raton for Your Fillings?

The expert doctors at The Ferber Dental Group can give you a healthy, beautiful smile you can be proud of. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for fillings or other dental restorations!