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In What Ways Will Snap-On Dentures In Greenacres, FL Benefit My Smile?

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Have many missing teeth that make it hard to live life normally? Do traditional dentures cause too much discomfort and dental instability? Luckily, at a skilled and trusted dental professional’s practice, people can upgrade the function and health of their smile with snap-on dentures in Greenacres, FL.


There are many specific ways snap-on dentures will benefit a patient’s smile. Continue reading to learn how exactly snap-on dentures will be able to benefit a patient’s smile.

How Snap-On Dentures In Greenacres, FL Will Benefit Your Smile

There are several ways that snap-on dentures will benefit a patient’s smile. The following explains the exact ways that snap-on dentures will benefit a patient’s smile.

Don’t Need Adhesives:

One of the most significant advantages of snap-on dentures is that they do not require the use of adhesives. Traditional dentures often rely on messy and unreliable adhesives to stay in place, which can lead to the patient having an uncomfortable and insecure smile because the denture is not securely stabilized in place.


Snap-on dentures, on the other hand, use dental implants to stabilize the denture in place. This not only eliminates the patient’s need for adhesives, it also gives them a stable and comfortable new smile that allows them to speak, eat, and smile with confidence.

Don’t Need Relining:

Snap-on dentures will benefit a patient’s smile because they don’t need to be relined. Traditional dentures often require periodic relining to make sure that they properly fit. This is because the jawbone changes shape over time when tooth roots are not stimulating it so that it stays healthy and strong.


Snap-on dentures, on the other hand, are designed to maintain a snug fit thanks to their attachment to dental implants, which helps to preserve the patient’s jawbone structure because the dental implant posts are made to act like natural tooth roots. This significantly reduces the need for snap-on dentures to be adjusted over time, making them a comfortable and long-lasting tooth replacement option.

Are Easy To Clean And Maintain:

Snap-on dentures are beneficial to a patient’s smile because they are easy to clean and maintain. Unlike traditional dentures, which require special cleaning solutions and careful handling, snap-on dentures can be easily removed for cleaning, and then snapped back into place. The simplicity of maintaining snap-on dentures not only saves the patient’s time, it also gives the patient better oral hygiene.


Since snap-on dentures attach to dental implants that are fixed in the patient’s jaw, the risk of trapping food particles underneath, which can lead to bacterial growth and gum disease, is greatly reduced. By getting treated with snap-on dentures, patients will have better breath, a healthier mouth, and a more radiant smile.

Do Not Need To Be Replaced As Often As Traditional Dentures:

Snap-on dentures are beneficial to patient’s smiles because, unlike traditional dentures, they do not need to be replaced frequently. Traditional dentures typically require to be replaced every 5 to 8 years, due to their wearing and tearing and the patient’s jawbone changing shape over time.


Snap-on dentures, on the other hand, use dental implants to securely anchor the denture in place and are less likely to cause the patient’s jawbone to lose density, making them a long-term tooth replacement option. Snap-on dentures are made to stably and comfortably fit patients, minimizing the need for them to be repeatedly adjusted and replaced.

Come To Our Office So We Can Improve Your Quality Of Life With Snap-On Dentures

When you come to our caring and dedicated practice to get treated with snap-on dentures, your new smile will benefit you in several ways. Not only will you be able to bite, chew, speak, and smile confidently with snap-on dentures, but your quality of life will be improved with them as well. Our dedicated practice will use the latest techniques and technologies to make sure your snap-on denture procedure process goes predictably and precisely.


Why wait to improve the health and function of your smile with us? Get in contact with Dr. Brian Ferber, Dr. Sharon Ferber, and our exceptional team at our Ferber Dental Group practice to schedule an appointment today!