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Invisalign in West Palm Beach | 3 Invisalign Advantages

You might think that crooked teeth only affect your appearance. However, it’s also often difficult to properly clean misaligned teeth, which leads to dangerous periodontal disease. Metal braces are an effective way to straighten a crooked smile, but traditional braces can be uncomfortable and unattractive. Invisalign might be the alternative you have been searching for. Below are three advantages of Invisalign. If you are in need of Invisalign in West Palm Beach, contact our office today!

Where can I find Invisalign in West Palm Beach ?


Traditional braces are full of obvious, unattractive metal. They are extremely noticeable and are prone to getting food caught in-between brackets. Invisalign is unnoticeable, in fact, you can barely tell when an individual is wearing clear aligners.


Braces can only be removed by a professional, which means you are stuck with them 24/7 for years. However, Invisalign can be removed whenever the wearer wishes, with ease. Whether it’s to eat, drink, or for a special occasion, removing your Invisalign is as simple as can be.

Reduces Damage

Due to sharp wires and bulky brackets, traditional braces can be very uncomfortable. This can also lead to cuts and scratches on the patient’s gums and mouth, and also can affect demineralization and decaying teeth. Invisalign is smooth and comfortable and reduces damage to your teeth and gums.

Are You Looking for Invisalign in West Palm Beach?

Making the decision to straighten your teeth is much easier with an option like Invisalign. If you’re looking for Invisalign in West Palm Beach, look no further than Ferber Dental Group. As stated above, our clear aligners are unnoticeable, comfortable, easy to maintain and only a phone call away. Contact us today!