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Invisalign in West Palm Beach | How Can Invisalign Help My Smile?

Misalignment of teeth can lead to periodontal disease and premature wearing. If left to worsen over time, it can even result in tooth loss. Luckily, receiving Invisalign in West Palm Beach can correct a wide range of issues with teeth alignment. Keep reading to learn what how Invisalign helps oral health and can prevent worse conditions from developing.

How Can Invisalign Help My Smile

5 Misalignment Problems Corrected By Invisalign

Crowding – Crowded teeth contribute to the buildup of plaque and tartar and harbor harmful periodontal bacteria. This can then lead to periodontal disease, tooth loss, and even bone loss.Spacing – Food lodged in spaces between teeth increases the risk of periodontal disease. Additionally, gums can become sore and tender, leading to other oral health problems.Deep Bite – Without Invisalign, the over-erupted lower front teeth in a deep bite can damage the mouth’s palate. Consequently, premature wear and chipping of the lower front teeth can happen.Crossbite – The misalignment of teeth known as a crossbite causes premature tooth wear. It also carries an increased risk of chipped teeth. Additionally, an abfraction may form, which is a small notch in tooth at the gum line that subjects the tooth to possible periodontal disease, tooth loss, and bone loss.Edge-to-edge bite – An edge-to-edge misalignment of teeth results in shortened or worn down front teeth and increases the risk of teeth chipping and breaking. This malocclusion can also be painful, with jaw and joint pain typically being present in patients who suffer it.

5 Misalignment Problems Corrected By Invisalign

Are You Looking for Invisalign in West Palm Beach?

Invisalign helps to resolve all of the above dental issues and more. Moreover, the clear plastic aligner trays are inconspicuous and convenient. If you’re looking for a straighter, healthier smile, then contact the Ferber Dental Group today. We will gladly schedule you a consultation for Invisalign and get you smiling again!