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What are the Signs I Need a Root Canal?

Physical symptoms of root canal West Palm Beach normally don’t start until the issue becomes more radical and drastic. This is exactly the reason why it is essential to regularly visit your dentist to avoid untoward incidents. The root canal treatment is performed to save or repair your teeth that have become infected or decayed because of the neglect in maintaining good oral hygiene. If you think you have a dental concern with one or more of your teeth, below are the signs that you have to undergo a root canal treatment.

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Indications You Need to Get a Root Canal Treatment

Severe Tooth Decay

Once you have a tooth decay buildup, no amount of rinsing with mouth wash, flossing, and brushing can remove it. If you neglect your cavity for several months or years, it will penetrate your roots, gums, and nerves, making it difficult to conduct a root canal treatment. Hence, you need to bear in mind that once the health of your gums and teeth are neglected, various diseases and infections will come into play.

Prolonged Sensitivity

If you put pressure on your teeth and it becomes painful, a root canal may be needed. This is also true when you feel discomfort and sensitivity for several weeks or months. Persistent tooth sensitivity is usually the result of an infected or damaged root. If you experience this, you will need a reliable dentist since it will not cure on its own.

Cracked Or Chipped Tooth

A cracked or chipped tooth may be due to a previous dental procedure, sports accident, or eating hard foods. Once you have this dental issue, it will expose your gums and nerves to infection. And, an untreated infection needs a root canal West Palm Beach.

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Don’t Panic! Get Your Root Canal West Palm Beach!

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, contact us now and schedule an appointment!