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Root Canals Lake Worth | How Many Visits Does It Take to Get a Root Canal?

Root Canals Lake Worth are performed when the nerve and blood supply of your teeth gets infected. The infection is due to injury or decay of your teeth. In the early stage of the infection, there are moments when you won’t feel pain. If not treated well, the infection can lead to the buildup of an abscess.

Root Canal Treatment Requires Two Visits

Why Are There Two Visits?

Most of the time your tooth changes color when it undergoes a root canal treatment. If this is located at the front of your mouth, it is recommended that you have the tooth crowned. It will improve the strength of your tooth, as well as, restore it to its natural color. Similarly, if your tooth is heavily filled after the treatment, our dentist may likewise require crowning. Do note that the intervals of your visits should be at least a couple of months. In this way, the root treatment will have enough time to settle before the crowning process begins.

Are There Stages?

The root canal treatment normally has three stages. The first stage encompasses the removal of the infection and the dead nerve. An antibiotic medicament is placed inside the canal to prevent bacteria. Although the pain quickly subsides after this stage, it is still imperative to continue with the procedure to avoid the recurrence of infection. The second stage includes the shaping and cleaning of the canals. Finally, the third stage involves the completion of the treatment. Our dentist will seal the canals with an inert filling substance. After placing the permanent filling and after a couple of months, you will have to return to our dentist to have your tooth crowned, if necessary.

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