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Signs You Should Replace Your Dentures

Dentures are a necessity to those who suffer from tooth loss, especially permanent ones. If you do need to get dentures in Wellington, you can visit your local dentist. 

Dentures have long been improved from their previous designs and are more comfortable. However, they will be in good shape only when you take care of them the right way. 

A dentist holding dentures in Wellington

What are Dentures? 

Dentures are made from materials such as acrylic, nylon, porcelain, and resin, and they are safe to use. Dentures are what you would consider the prosthetics of the teeth as you would have prosthetics for your limbs. 

Common Denture Problems 

There are multiple possible problems related to dentures. Addressing the finer points of denture care and denture problems is quite significant for the dentist and the patient. Knowledge is precious. 

The cleanliness of a denture will impact the state of your teeth and the comfort of the denture being used. Dentures also have requirements for cleanliness. 


Many things can cause irritation. If the gums are irritated, you should see your dentist so they can check the dentures and the condition of your oral health. 

Difficulty in Speaking and Eating 

Speech and eating are two important things that are affected by your teeth. Without the dentures, words cannot be conveyed the right way. 


Infections are quite common in all things. The mouth can be infected by bacteria that can be present on your dentures if you don’t keep up with proper cleaning. 

Shifting Dentures 

Moving dentures can be a pain. The constant moving will only cause a lot of discomfort and embarrassment. This can be due to the dentures not fitting properly, meaning they might need to be readjusted. 

Signs You Need New Dentures 

There are many reasons why you need your dentures replaced with a new one. Even the slightest pain can be a reason to change your dentures and consult your dentist. 

Below are a few reasons why you should change your dentures

Irritation in the Mouth and Gums 

Irritation caused by dentures is an essential factor that you have to consider. Whenever the dentures cause the wearer irritation, this can be a sign to replace the denture. 

If the irritation worsens, the mouth and gums will be in a constant state of discomfort. The wearer may even bear with the annoyance or refuse to use the dentures. 


Pain when using the dentures is not a good sign. Dentures are supposed to give you a comfortable experience when it comes to using the product. There should not be any discomfort or pain to experience. 

Denture Measurement Is Incorrect 

Dentures need measurements. This is to ensure that the denture being used is adequately fitting when being used. The dentures moving is a normal thing because the majority of the dentures are removable, however, you should not have constant issues of them falling out. 

When the measurements for the dentures are no longer accurate, it can lead to slipping and discomfort, The more movement that occurs leads to a higher chance of the dentures falling off when talking or eating. 

Though dentures are meant to be removable, the constant movement may cause discomfort on the gums and surrounding teeth. Distress can also lead to a painful experience. 

Problems with Chewing 

Chewing is essential, especially when eating. Teeth are supposed to grind, grab, and tear into food to break it down for you. The reason for easier digestion is due to the teeth. 

If you find yourself having constant issues with eating properly, it is recommended that the dentures be replaced with a new one to ensure happy and worry-free eating without embarrassment. 


Just like your real teeth, dentures can crack and break, so you need to be careful with what you eat and how you use your new teeth. If you’d be worried about your real teeth while eating something or tearing something open, the same hesitation should apply to your dentures. 

Cracks that appear on the dentures are red flags and signs that you need a new set of dentures to use. It is inadvisable to keep using a cracked denture. 

Using a cracked denture may lead to a lot of problems and may cause infection and wounds.  

a full set of beautiful dentures in Wellington

Looking to Get Dentures in Wellington? 

Now that you know why replacing dentures is important, it’s time to visit your dentist to get new dentures in Wellington. Ferber Dental Group has specialists that can cater to your needs and questions. Call us today! We’re happy to help.