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The Pros and Cons of Getting Snap-In Teeth

Receiving dental procedures is a norm because many people have emerging dental problems if the teeth are not well cared for. Snap in teeth are implant-supported dentures that conveniently snap in the designated area to give those perfect-looking teeth.

The use of this procedure as part of a treatment plan should be consulted with a professional to ensure that your teeth, gums, and bones are suitable for the process. Dental care is vital for a bright smile, and maintaining it is just as important. 

A dentist talks about snap in teeth while an elderly male patient listens

What Are Snap-in Teeth? 

Snap-in dentures are one of the options that you can opt for if you have experienced tooth loss due to mouth diseases, accidents, tooth decay, or genes. It is a procedure that surgically places screws in either the upper or lower gums. 

This is to create support for the dentures that are meant to snap in to replace any missing teeth. This procedure supports the snap in dentures and the gums to prevent the mouth from collapsing due to lack of teeth. 

Why You Should Try Them Out 

Surgically implanted dentures are pretty convenient for the patient suffering from any tooth loss resulting from injury, disease, or complications.  

Provides Support and Increased Stability 

Dentures are used to replace teeth that you lost. This means that it provides your mouth with extra support and prevents it from collapsing. Your teeth are needed for eating and speaking, and snap-in teeth help keep the mouth stable. 

To the elderly, whose teeth are slowly losing the power to bite down hard food, snap-in teeth are the right choice for them. They provide increased chewing ability, which allows them to eat food that their natural teeth can’t bite through. 


Snap-in teeth can be removable and are snugly made to fit the shape of the mouth. The removability of snap-in teeth is something to consider. It has a similar concept to the usual dentures but what’s different is that you can snap it on without any adhesive. 


Snap-in dentures are pretty convenient. They replace the majority of the teeth and ensure that they can be used for a long time with proper care. Getting this solution for yourself would be nice because you are replacing a set of teeth in one go instead of replacing teeth individually. 

This is also made to be comfortable to the wearer, and since it is made to fit the measurements of the mouth, it is highly recommended.  

Things to Think About 

Like benefits, every procedure might have some disadvantages or things to think about. It does not have to be something big to consider as a con, but it will affect your decision and make you ponder whether to take the chance or wait it out. Dental care is essential, and consulting with a dentist is needed. 


Most procedures can be costly, even with dental procedures. This is because the materials used can be quite expensive. It is also a complex process that takes a lot of skill to complete properly. The work completed by the dentist is quite a delicate thing and quite an effort. 

Cost is necessary for procedures because prices will vary in every process. The more materials the dentist needs, the more you need to pay for the services. It will also depend on how meticulous the procedure is on your teeth. 

However, if you are concerned about the cost, it is worthwhile to look into dental insurance and convenient payment plans. 

May Require More Than One Treatment Plan 

Depending on the state of your teeth, there may be more things to address besides your tooth loss. The possibility of other complications is not outside the equation when getting yourself snap-in teeth. 

Your teeth and gums may need other procedures to make sure that the support the screws get is substantial enough to support the restoration. 

Is it for You? 

The procedure may be an enticing thing to have, but it may not always be for you to have. Various other dental complications might prevent you from getting it – at least right away. It’s always best to consult with the dentist before making a decision.

A male dentist waits before placing snap in teeth on a female patient

Looking to Get Snap-in Teeth? 

Now that you know more about snap-in teeth, you should consider medical-related health problems that could affect the teeth and the procedures. Contact Ferber Dental Group for an appointment. Our services are open and ready to cater to your needs. If you ever have any questions that need answering, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to help!