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Why Are Dental Implants So Popular?

Dental implants are the next best thing to natural teeth since they are designed to appear, feel, and operate like natural teeth, giving you confidence in your smile. If you want to know more about dental implants in Wellington, we’ve got you covered. 

Furthermore, dental implants may be a superior long-term investment to traditional tooth replacement methods. 

Dental market trends can tell us where the industry is now and where it is headed. While this may not seem like anything worth caring about unless you work in the dental profession, these trends may provide a clear picture of which treatments and areas of dentistry are growing popular among the general public. 

What is it about dental implants in Wellington that make them so popular? Knowing that can make you want to acquire them for yourself. 

dental implants in Wellington

A Tooth Loss Epidemic 

According to what you see on television and in publications, everyone has a flawless smile of pearly whites. Tooth loss might feel like a highly personal and unpleasant visual flaw as a result of this. However, if you check around you, you’ll see that tooth loss is more prevalent than you may believe. 

More than a third of Americans — 120 million people — are missing at least one tooth in the United States. Of the 120 million people, 36 million have no teeth at all. 

Tooth loss can be caused by various factors, including dental decay, gum disease, and trauma. Missing teeth pose a threat that isn’t simply cosmetic. Those gaps can cause nearby teeth to “lean” in toward the gap, and they provide safe sanctuaries for germs, increasing your risk of decay. 

Not to mention the fact that losing more than one or two teeth might weaken your jaw bone over time. 

The Answer Is Dental Implants 

So, why are dental implants becoming increasingly popular? More individuals recognize that they are a dependable, effective remedy for tooth loss and that getting them improves the appearance of your smile, simultaneously making it healthier. 

Implants have been around since the 1950s, and their efficacy has improved as technology has progressed. Implants are now considered a very low-risk treatment. According to some estimations, dental implants have a success rate of 98.0 percent

Implants are also aesthetically pleasing, natural-looking, and long-lasting. They can last up to 50 years if properly maintained. However, minor repairs may be required every decade or so. 

You may use them in the same ways you’d use your actual teeth since they’re designed to imitate the natural structure of your teeth, complete with a root that integrates with the bone of your jaw and a sturdy crown. You do not need to alter your diet or oral hygiene routines to accommodate them. 

What Makes Dental Implants So Popular? 

Natural Appearance and a Comfortable Fit 

When it comes to tooth replacements, one of the most common worries people have is whether the procedure will fit in with their natural grins. Dental implants provide the same appearance, feel, fit, and function as natural teeth. No one will be able to tell you to have an implant once they have healed, and you will care for them as you would your natural teeth. 

Long-Term And Dependable 

Dental implants are meant to last several decades with reasonable care, but alternative tooth replacement treatments may need to be replaced every 5 to 10 years. Even though implants have a higher initial cost, you will not need to invest in upkeep beyond ordinary dental health care. 

A High Rate of Success 

Dental implants with proper planning and maintenance have survival rates equivalent to or better than other tooth replacement solutions. And, as implant technology and methods advance, their success rate should improve as well. The best possibility for successful implants is for people to be in good health. 

Improved Chewing and Eating Abilities 

Dental implants, like natural teeth, are fixed in the jaw bone. They will assist in protecting the jaw bone and prevent bone resorption over time. Implant-replaced teeth help you to chew your food more thoroughly and talk more effectively. 

Face and Bone Characteristics Will Improve 

By removing the need to chop down neighboring teeth for traditional bridgework, dental implants help to retain native tooth tissue. They will also help maintain bone and minimize bone resorption and degradation, leading to the loss of jawbone height. 

Dental implants also aid in the restoration of jawbone structure by reducing the stress on the remaining oral structures/teeth, preserving natural tooth tissue, and reducing bone resorption and degeneration, which leads to jawbone height decrease. 

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