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Wisdom Teeth in West Palm Beach | FAQs and Answers About Removal

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars to come into a person’s mouth. They usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 25, with most people having 2 upper and 2 lower wisdom teeth. Keep reading for all of the answers to your questions about wisdom teeth in West Palm Beach.

5 Common Questions and Answers About Wisdom Teeth

How do I know if I have wisdom teeth?Your dentist will take x-rays to see if you have wisdom teeth. These x-rays will show how your teeth are positioned. You may be part of the 33% of people that don’t ever get their wisdom teeth.What is an impacted wisdom tooth?An impacted wisdom tooth occurs when a tooth only partially breaks through the gums or not at all. Impacted wisdom teeth are very common, but can lead to problems like infection and damage to surrounding teeth.Do I need my wisdom teeth removed?Your dentist will look at how your teeth are growing in and may also send you to an oral surgeon for another opinion. Sometimes, wisdom teeth can cause problems even if they do manage to grow in straight.What happens during removal?You’ll be numbed with a local anesthetic so you will not feel anything. Your doctor may give you additional sedatives for comfort and relaxation. The techniques used for removal depend on how your teeth are erupting.What is recovery like after the extraction procedure?Because of the anesthesia, you will need someone to drive you home. To keep you comfortable after the procedure, your doctor may prescribe pain relievers. After getting home, avoid lying flat and try staying propped up with pillows. Eat only soft foods for the next few days and remember to rest.

Get Treatment for Your Wisdom Teeth in West Palm Beach

When it comes to assessment and extraction of wisdom teeth, you won’t find better care than with the Ferber Dental Group. If you have concerns about wisdom teeth, contact our office today.