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Invisalign in Boca Raton | What You Need to Know About Invisalign

If your smile is misaligned or crooked, but you don’t want to deal with the embarrassment or discomfort of metal braces, Invisalign might be the effective alternative to traditional braces that you have been searching for! Below are a few things to be aware of before seeking Invisalign treatment. If you are in need of Invisalign in Boca Raton, contact our office today!

Where can I find Invisalign in Boca Raton ?

A Dentist or an Orthodontist Can Provide Invisalign Treatment

Both a dentist or an orthodontist can conduct an Invisalign treatment. However, if your case is severe and requires extreme corrections, you might want to consider getting your Invisalign treatment through an orthodontist.

Your Insurance Could Cover Some of the Costs

The cost of Invisalign can vary depending on how severe your specific case is and how long the treatment could last. However, the good news is that your insurance should cover some of the costs.

Make Sure Your Smile Is Healthy

When was the last time you got a proper dental cleaning? Before getting your Invisalign trays, make sure to get a dental cleaning and checkup first. Make sure any necessary dental work is completed before you start your Invisalign trays.

Are You Looking for Invisalign in Boca Raton?

Are you insecure or embarrassed about the appearance of your smile? We can help! Making the decision to straighten your teeth is much easier with an option like Invisalign. If you’re looking for Invisalign in Boca Raton, look no further than Ferber Dental Group. Our clear aligners are unnoticeable and comfortable. Contact us today!